about us

(Lights on )

She screamed like labor pain struck.

Smiled like she delivered a new one into the World

Cried like her Dream was brought to Life.

And Yes, she had her Home designed beyond her


Your visions to Reality.

Dream and we will have it designed for you.

Designed like your dream defines Art itself.

Art like no dreamer has ever dreamt of.

Dream on and let’s have it designed your way.



We build on Dreams, We thrive on it.To us,

Architecture is Adventure and Adventure is

Architecture. Join us, let’s go on an adventure

hunting down all that you need

Under One Roof to give your dream a life.



Like Shells in the Ocean, Each of them hold a shape

of talent, as unique as every shell in the sea bed.

And across the great waves of struggle, toiling all

the way long, came those shells to the shore.Were

handpicked, And have made Aazhii their Home to

bring to Life, your dream and theirs.


We do

Creating is our Profession, Service is our Mission